We just hit 10,000 followers! Thank you all so…

We just hit 10,000 followers! Thank you all so much for being a part of the Asexual Society!



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The other day, someone was like “If you&…

The other day, someone was like “If you’re asexual, doesn’t that mean that you don’t have a sexual orientation?” and I groaned so much. But the horrifying thing is that I dont actually know a good response for that? Would you mind telling me what you would have said?

Hi friend! I would explain to them how sexual orientation isn’t an attraction (or lack thereof) in the first place, but rather a way you identify/label your sexual attraction. So, for example, being asexual is a description of your sexual orientation, which is you simply don’t experience sexual attraction. You could also bring up the LGBTQIA+ acronym (or whichever you prefer to use) and point out that “A” is for “asexual”, which means it is a type of sexual attraction, just like everything else.

Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week Fandom Chall…



So I think ASAW has had the same fandom challenge for the past few years, and so it seems like interest in participating has dulled a bit. So I wanted to get some new prompts out there! These are based on the AAWFC prompts I posted, but they’re new for ASAW!

Asexual Awareness Week 2017 is February 18 – 24!

Responses can be canon, headcanon, a simple statement, fanfic, fanart, aesthetic/moodboards, photomanips, playlists, meta, analysis, gifsets, quotes, etc.! Any kind of fan produced content that you believe fits within these prompts is welcome! Let’s generate as much content as we can!

As always the tag is “#ASAWFC”.

Sun 18th, Day 1: Post about canon and headcanoned aromantic/spectrum characters in books and comics.

Mon 19th, Day 2: Post about canon and headcanoned aromantic/spectrum characters in shows and movies.

Tues 20th, Day 3: Post about canon and headcanoned aromantic/spectrum characters in games and any other media not mentioned in the previous days.

Wed 21st, Day 4: Post about how a canon aromantic/spectrum character came out or how you believe a headcanoned aromantic/spectrum character would come out. Or post about them not coming out and why they haven’t.

Thurs 22nd, Day 5: Post about how a canon aromantic/spectrum character shows their pride or how you think a headcanoned asexual/spectrum character shows their pride. What kind of merch would they wear/display, would they go to pride, would they talk about being aro/spec, etc.?

Fri 23rd, Day 6: AU day! Post about what canon/headcanoned aromantic/spectrum characters from different fandoms that you would like to see meet. What would their meeting would be like, why would you like to see them meet, what sort of relationship do you think they’d have, etc.?

Sat 24th, Day 7: Post about aromantic representation in general. What does it mean to see aromantic/spectrum characters in the media you consume? Why is it important to you to see aromantic/spectrum characters in the media you consume? What sort of stories/plotlines would you like to see about aromantic/spectrum characters? What genre do you really want to see aromantic/spectrum characters in? How would you like to see aromantic/spectrum people represented? What sort of relationships would you really love to see aromantic/spectrum people in and navigating?

I meant to get these out sooner, but ran out of time. Sorry! I did get it out just in time for ASAW, though!

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So I noticed that someone tagged my last pride arrows as being eye straining. Since I didn’t have the old line art anymore, I made some new ones in pastel colours! If they’re still a bit straining on the eyes I can edit them to be lighter! Also, if there is another flag you’d like to see incorporated into this design, just ask!

If you would like to use these for anything please message me. I’d just like to know where it will be used and what for!

Constructive criticism is always welcome!


Hey there! My name is Dex and I run a small little store called “Thready To Go”! The money is being used to help me afford a binder AND eventually get top surgery. You get some cool accessories and I can afford to live as my best self. Below are some items from my store, right now I have an assortment of patches and bracelets with more on the way!

Pictured: a collage of various sexual and gender identity bracelets; bisexual, pansexual, asexual, aromantic, transgender, nonbinary and genderqueer. There are options for others beyond the picture

(Sexual Identity Bracelets / Gender Identity Bracelets)

pictured: Pride colours done into a heart shape where the lines that divide the pride colours are bent to make it look like it’s melting. The flags include, asexual, aromantic, gay, pansexual, bisexual, nonbinary, genderqueer, transgender. There is an option for others not pictured.

(Sexual Identity Goopy Heart Patch / Gender Identity Goopy Heart Patch)

pictured: various pride flags done in the style of underwear all hung up on a clothes line. The flags include gay, bisexual, pansexual, aromantic, asexual, demisexual, genderqueer, genderfluid, transgender and nonbinary

(Sexual Identity Underwear /Gender Identity Underwear)

There are a ton more items in my store and more to come within the next month! Every little big helps and everything is done by hand and with care. If you’re able to support that would be great and thank you!

– Thready To Go –

I'm in a hard situation… Because I&#039…

I'm in a hard situation… Because I've always thought I was asexual, but some time ago I started to talk with a person by messages and now I think I fall in love with that person but that person is asexual too… What can I do?

Asexual doesn’t 

I'm female and asexual and have always th…

I'm female and asexual and have always thought I was hetero-romantic (mostly because I've always found it easier to get along with guys than girls). Recently I've been wondering if I like girls too but I don't know how to tell since I don't experience sexual attraction?? Help!!!!!

I’ve personally given up for now as to whether or not I like girls romantically.  It’s too hard to tell.  I’m not sure I’ve even liked everyone I thought I liked at different times.  You’re the only person who can figure that out.  Nobody can figure it out for you. I wish you luck!!!

~Mod Clara



I’m really glad more and more people are finally feeling safe enough to come out as aromantic/asexual.



Asexual grunge themed moodboard