Ace adults deserve so much more love than they get.

You aren’t childish. Being asexual or on the ace spectrum isn’t just for teens. You can have a happy relationship, if you want one. Your sexual attraction or lack thereof does not determine your maturity.



*does a sick fukin kickflip* uhh aroaces are allowed to be proud of their orientations! you’re ace? that’s so rad! you’re aro? that’s super groovy! you’re questioning? hell yeah, you funky lil human! you’re aroace? that’s hella wild!






Six months ago, we launched our site. It was small, a few bugs here and there, but people liked it. Some of them stuck around, giving feedback and encouragement, and six months on, we’re proud to show it to you once more!

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I set up a blog!

Unless it gets an app or I can get my laptop hooked up to the wifi, Imma just spread this around, cuz I’m having a panic attack trying to work it

I just signed up for this, and it has everything! I’m pretty impressed by it. ☺️



i think an important thing for people to understand, especially with the rise of gatekeeping in the community, is that labels are for personal use

and like, human sexuality and gender is complicated! most people don’t fit perfectly into their assigned box! but they still have the right to call themselves what makes them happiest!

attracted to like 98% women, 2% men, but still consider yourself bisexual? you’re right to do so, you’re still attracted to multiple genders!

attracted to 98% women, 2% men, but still wanna call yourself a lesbian? that’s a valid choice, you feel way more attracted to girls and that’s fine!

aro/ace but you had a crush one time? a lot of us do! you’re still aro/ace and don’t have to choose a different label if you don’t want to!

aspec somewhere but can’t figure out where you fall because sexuality is confusing? i get that, dude, you’ll figure it out! you don’t have to find the perfect label right now if you don’t want to, just focus on being yourself!

trans but sometimes feel like your assigned gender? that’s okay! you don’t have to re-question your identity if you don’t want to, you know what gender you are, self doubt and sometimes feeling different don’t get to say you’re not!

genderfluid but spend most of your time as one gender? that’s fine! the fluid part is still an important part of you, it deserves to be recognised!

not inconvenienced by your assigned gender, but feel like the whole concept is bullshit and would rather go by they/them pronouns? that’s fair, it is a bit bullshit, go you!!

anyone else i haven’t mentioned who experiences this? same goes for you too! i love who you are and i hope you can also love being who you are, and it doesn’t matter if you fit someone’s definition of that or not. we are a community built on being different, on standing up for ourselves in the face of people telling us who we are is wrong. it’s not wrong, and all of your labels, however many you want, be it 10 or 0, they’re important to you, and no one gets to take that away from you

slightly-awkward-sunshine: Some thoughts


Some thoughts

I’ve been seeing a lot of aphobia on my dash recently. Thanks, but my sexuality isn’t “discourse”. 





So, I heard you liked pens and I heard you liked pride flags, so I went and put up a bunch of pride flag pens on the Seattle Aces & Aros Zazzle Shop.


We’ve got aro pens and swirly rainbow pens and ace pens and demiromantic pens and gray-ace pens and non-binary pens and swirly trans pens and lesbian pens and demisexual pens and grayromantic pens and intersex pens and pan pens where the magenta is hopefully actually magenta this time around.

Check ‘em out!

(Proceeds go to the Seattle Aces & Aros!)

(I think these are actually visible for everyone now…)

Threw in a few more:






Cats should be aro culture because

  1. I’m aromantic
  2. I like cats
  • People joke about them being unable to feel love and whatnot but they’re actually very sweet and smart and loveable
  • I have two cats so this is true
  • I have a cat and she said aromantic rights

Heyyy, can I have a shout out to aroaces who w…

Heyyy, can I have a shout out to aroaces who want relationships? It feels like everyone out there makes being aspec about emancipation from society standards of relationships and me wanting that makes me somewhat less aspec.




Asexuals exist. They are part of the LGBTQ+ community, and they’re just as important as everyone else.