Can someone be aromantic and still desire a romantic relationship? I know that I’m a sex-repulsed ace, but I don’t think I would mind having a romantic relationship. I just don’t want to kiss or go past that. I have crushes though, but they might be squishes? All I know is that sometimes I have a desire to get closer to someone, but platonically or romantically idk. It’s hard to tell. And I wouldn’t mind dating as long as the person respected my boundaries and such. Sorry if this is confusing

If you’re not sure about the attraction you’re experiencing being romantic or platonic that sounds like you could be quoiromantic.

If you don’t experience romantic attraction but still desire a romantic relationship that sounds like you could be cupioromantic.

Only you can decide for sure what feels right for you, but hopefully we can at least point you in a helpful direction with these terms. 🙂

~Mod Leaf