Hi I don’t know what I and I try to be okay with because it is. But I’m still wondering. I don’t know if I’ve ever been romanicly attacted to someone. I can’t tell if I really really wanna be friends with someone or if I like like them. And sometimes I think that I just obsess over people (espaccially from the same gender) because I think that I might into them but I’m not, if that makes any sense to you… Anyway I really love your blog and thanl you for answering <3

Romantic and platonic attraction can be difficult to tell apart!

Quoiromantic is often used by people who can’t or have trouble differentiating romantic and platonic attraction, so that might be something that could apply to you.

Along with continuing to self reflect on what it is that your feeling, reading stuff about aromanticism and quoiromanticism written by people who identify with those labels might be useful to you.

~Mod Leaf