Interview: Britani Palazzolo

Today we’re joined by Britani Palazzolo. Britani is an awesome artist who is incredibly versatile and works in a variety of mediums. She does a lot of papercrafts and other visual arts. When she’s not drawing, Britani does a lot of writing and some baking as well. Her work shows a fascinating sort of surrealism. It’s very clear she’s an incredibly dedicated and passionate artist, as you’ll soon see. My thanks to her for taking the time to participate in this interview.


Please, tell us about
your art.

I do a little bit of everything! I write, draw, sew, bake, papercraft,
paint… If there’s an art medium out there, I’ve probably tried it haha! I
usually jump around from one to the other, so right now I’m working on
papercrafts mostly (my current project is making one for each Overwatch character) but I’ll probably
drift back to drawing or writing soon. I mainly draw my OCs or myself, and I
love drawing cute but gross stuff and object heads. I draw traditionally
sometimes, but most of the time I use Adobe Illustrator because I love how it
works with my style. I’ve been doing art since I can remember, and I’ve watched
my style change over the years and it brings me a lot of joy just doing something with my hands. There’s really
no telling what I’ll come up with next.

What inspires you?

I guess that depends on what I’m doing. If I’m drawing,
usually it’s movies or other media because I’ll make a self-insert character or
an AU for my OCs and draw according to that. I think my friends inspire my
writing a lot of the time because we bounce around ideas and I just have to get
them out! I also draw a lot of creepy/gore things, so catch me at Halloween
time really inspired! Fandom also inspires me, but sometimes I’m afraid to
contribute fanart because I compare myself to others (a bad habit I know, but
I’ve been working on it!) and will instead stick with my own characters haha! I
also use my own life as a lot of inspiration, including the fact that I’m ace.
I make music playlists (I guess you could call that an art?) and I have an “All
Your Favs Are Ace” series which are just character playlists based on my
headcanons of characters being on the ace spectrum. I’ve written a fic
involving a character coming out to their partner as a sex repulsed ace which I
based largely on my own feelings and experiences. Music is also a huge
inspiration provider, as well as long showers!

What got you
interested in your field?  Have you
always wanted to be an artist?

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love to be creative
and do art projects. Art class was always my favorite thing about school, and I
would make things at home all the time. It was really in high school that I
started figuring out that this was a real thing that I could do with my life. I
learned a lot about digital art in high school, and had some great teachers
that helped me along, so I decided to go to college for an Art Education
degree. At the time I was working in a fabric store so I was teaching myself to
sew and cross stitch, and in school I learned about oil paints and charcoal. I
got to try every medium and it was fantastic! The chips fell as they do, and I
got into baking and cake decorating. So, instead of teaching, now I bake and do
art on the side!

Do you have any kind
of special or unique signature, symbol, or feature you include in your work
that you’d be willing to reveal?

I sign everything with my initials, but it’s not very
special haha! If I sew anything for someone though, I attach a little tag that
I made that says “Handcrafted”. I hand carved the stamp used to make these tags
on an eraser, so I guess that’s kind of cool! Other than that I think it’s just
my personal drawing style that is pretty unique. I tend to over exaggerate
certain features (legs for example) and simplify others (feet).

What advice would you
give young aspiring artists?

Do not stop. If someone tells you that you can’t do
something, you look them in the eye and you do the thing and you keep doing it
until they close their mouth. It might take a while, but if it makes you happy,
just keep going. Art is what you make of it. There are no rules!


Where on the spectrum
do you identify?

I’m a sex repulsed asexual panromantic!

Have you encountered
any kind of ace prejudice or ignorance in your field?  If so, how do you handle it?

I haven’t had a lot directed specifically at me (except
somebody once didn’t like my ace playlists and called me homophobic for making
them, which baffled me), but the first year I went to the pride parade in my
area only ONE booth sold ace flags and they were those tiny ones on sticks.
When I went to pride this year, I was hoping maybe asexuality had gotten a little
more out there, but again only ONE booth sold the full size flags and the
people at the booth had very little knowledge on the subject (didn’t know which
flag I wanted until I pointed directly at it, didn’t know if they had any more
ace merch, etc). Mostly I just ignore it or roll with it. If there is an
opportunity, I will attempt to educate people on the matter, but most people
spouting ignorance don’t want to learn, so I’ve found there’s not much point in

What’s the most
common misconception about asexuality that you’ve encountered?

That ALL ace people HATE sex/anything to do with sex/are
innocent pure beings who don’t know anything about sex! It makes me laugh
because I know so many ace people who are very sex positive, a lot are very kinky
in their own ways, and are in no way ‘innocent and pure’. People assume you’re
an emotionless robot (especially if you’re aro ace, I’m so sorry to those guys)
and it just astounds me.

What advice would you
give to any asexual individuals out there who might be struggling with their

It’s alright to take your time learning about your sexuality,
and do lots of research, read a lot of info! I thought I was straight until about
the first year of college (19 years old or so), and from there I was maybe bi,
but something just didn’t feel right about that. It was only once I started
seeing a lot of info about the ace spectrum on Tumblr that I was like “Hold on…
this sounds like me!” I identified as demisexual for a while, but did some more
research, did some soul searching, and decided to go with full asexual. But
just know that this could change too! Sexuality is fluid. Just go with the
flow, meet people, make friends, maybe fall in love? Who knows!

Finally, where can
people find out more about your work?

You can find me basically anywhere on the internet by the
same username: ranebowstitches
I’m most active on Tumblr, AO3, Instagram, and 8tracks.

Pop by and say hi! I love to chat!

Thank you,
Britani, for participating in this interview and this project. It’s very much appreciated.