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Tim Gunn is actually a gay man who chose to be celibate due to losing many of his friends to the AIDS crisis.
He’s not your “smol ace cinnamon roll uwu”.


He literally called himself asexual. There can be a difference between romantic and sexual attraction: I can’t speak for Tim Gunn (you can read this part of his book and more here), but if we’re gonna get technical, it seems like he identifies as asexual and mostly homoromantic (which he calls gay). Gay and asexual aren’t mutually exclusive, so whatever he feels like is valid! 

Also I’m really wondering if you can source me the post that called him a ‘smol ace cinnamon roll uwu’? Or did you just see an asexual person write about the relief of seeing such a positive role model in the media who’s also ace and decided you wanted to take that away from them? 

ALL OF THIS. He’s also talked about it publicly repeatedly, because if you Google Tim Gunn asexual, you can find multiple TV and magazine interviews where he talks about it.

And several newspaper articles where people talk to “experts” to verify that what he’s describing is “not normal.” And a nasty Gawker piece where someone complains that he needs to shut up because no one wants to hear it and that everybody needs to stop reporting on it because “Tim Gunn not being able to get laid is not news”. Despite the fact that, of course, he’s talking about it because interviewers always ask “are you in a relationship?”

Sounds exactly like the way ace discoursers talk.

And as well as not having had sex for about 30 years, he hasn’t been on a date for about 27 years, and talks publicly about how he’s perfectly happy not having sex or going on a date again for the rest of his life.

Yes, he has also talked publicly about how he initially stopped having sex partly because of the trauma of the AIDS genocide, but this is not the behavior of someone who is solely choosing to be celibate because of the trauma of the AIDS genocide. It’s the behavior of someone who’s a-spec AND was traumatized by the AIDS genocide.