I seriously do not understand parents sometimes, they’re all like not wanting to think about their ‘babies’ virtue and innocence be “taken” but then when their kid comes out as ace they’re like but? why? don’t? you? like? the? thing? Like what do you want me to have sex or not? Also the “but you’ve just not met the rig-” nO IT DoESNt woRK LIkE ThaT Anyway I hope you feel better soon and remember that you know yourself better than anyone, don’t let people tell you your feelings aren’t normal x

tell me about it dude

my mom was all “my job is to help you navigate through these issues!!1!” when she told me that i didn’t have enough life experience & i was like: no, your job as a parent is to love & accept your child for who they are no matter what they do or want to do. you don’t know your child as well as you do so let them do their own fuckin thing & need to help them!!!!!!!!!