millenniumfae: Accepting submissions for the first ever Asexual…


Accepting submissions for the first ever Asexual Witchcraft handbooklet!

We’re looking for: 

  • Spells, blessings, and curses,
  • Sigils, amulets, runes, and pentagrams,
  • Recipes, rituals, and beyond!

Participants can submit up to five different entries! Accepting submissions until August 30th!


Text only submissions can be written as email to

Any drawings must be B&W only, and as a transparent file. Send as file attachments to

When submitting, include your name as desired in print


List ingredients and required tools first.

Limit required steps and instructions to ten bullet points. Condense words for easy readership.

If you’re only submitting images, include the name/purpose of the spell in text.

You can request grammar and spelling corrections! Include your request for beta reading in your email submission.


No bigotry or hatespeech allowed. All entries will be denied by offenders.

Be mindful of appropriation. Witchcraft is an active practice. Respect the history and customs of folk medicine.

Contact millenniumfae for questions!