acemeetup: Gender: Trans, he/they pronouns please. Country:…


Gender: Trans, he/they pronouns please.
Country: USA! Colorado to be more exact.
Orientations: Biromantic (possibly homoromantic idk?) asexual.
Age: 21

Yo! My name’s Tyler. I’m just a dude who loves kpop and coffee. Tbh I post mostly kpop (EXO especially) and mlm positivity. I love comics, man the Batfam are amazing please talk to me about Jason Todd. I watch a lot of shows including In The Flesh, Supernatural, Shadowhunters, Sherlock, and Vikings to name a few. I like animes similar to Tokyo Ghoul. Video games are dope and I love Pokémon. Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings are two of my favorite book series. Really I’m just looking for friends or a cool s/o to stargaze with if we vibe. So if my rambles somehow amused you come say hi! You can kik me at alienhoodies or find me at my main blog @floral-sehun!