International Aces visibility linkspam


For this ace awareness week, lets bring some non-English language resources, media coverage and interesting tidbits to your attention! This is a highly selective and by no means balanced overview of some interesting things I found. The selection is restricted by the languages I can access (which is romance and germanic languages). However, the one overarching theme is that all links are ace positive.

Let’s start off in our own backyard. Bilinguals are everywhere in the English-language community. There are also several pieces which show a wider range of nationalities and experiences:

Non-native speakers on their experiences in the English-language community:

But there is plenty more to discover! Let’s put on our explorer hats and head into the non-English parts of the aceternet!

Spread the love: blogs in other languages:

Outside looking in: media coverage & research:

Community activity:


  1. A short German film about asexuality: Farbenlos? (with English subtitles)
  2. A French webcomic with ace 101
  3. A Dutch YMCA adaption about asexuality (The chorus: “Sing it with me: I am AAAAA-SEK-SUEEL”)
  4. All over the world, aces turn to fiction to look for characters like them, or relationships outside the romantic/platonic norm:

Not exactly the point of this linkspam, but considering the times I’ve seen people being genuinely surprised that communities in their own language exist: For aces searching for communities in their own language:

Your best bet on finding them is to google the word “asexuality” in your own language, or try search terms like “asexual community” or a combination of “asexuality” and “sexual orientation”. If they exist, such a google term will turn up the blogs, Facebook groups or forums. Seriously, google is your best friend. I found a lot of the above links through a simple google search. A second option is to take a look at the Alternate Language Forum on AVEN. There are 15 languages with their own AVEN off-shoots and there are a lot of threads dedicated to other languages as well.

EDIT: part 2 of this linkspam is here