it pisses me off so much when people are harmlessly headcanoning characters as aro/ace/aroace and then some rude person comes along and goes “why should not having a relationship make them ace? why do you have to headcanon everyone as ace, theyre normal” like. dude. leave me tf alone. i just want to see myself in my favorite characters, and since we barely get any canon representation ill just pretend. ((1/2))

((2/2)) is that really too much to ask. like does it REALLY bother you that much that someone is imagining their favorite characters as being similar to them because they feel broken and alone and are trying to make themselves feel better. really… im sorry for dumping this on you guys i just had this happen to me recently and i needed to vent. >:T hope your situation with your mom gets better soon kai 🙁

12000 people here can relate. & that’s what this blog is here for 🙂

thank you!