My college makes its students fill out questionnaires every couple of months. One of the questions asks about sexual orientation and gives us three boxes to tick – lesbian, gay, bisexual. There’s no option for ace or anything else but you can’t finish the survey without answering. I hate having to lie about my sexuality just because someone at my college thinks it doesn’t exist. You have asexual students, damn it!!

Yeah, I’ve had to fill out college surveys like before. I just chose ‘bisexual’ because I figured “Well, I’m not interested in men and women equally, so…” (I know that’s not how bisexuality works…now). It’s frustrating to be totally overlooked and still forced to choose like this. I bet they only allow you to pick ‘male or female’ on that survey too. 

You could try writing or calling the office or person that creates these surveys about your concerns. Most likely they aren’t actively trying to exclude people, they just aren’t aware of different sexualities.