wheeloffortune-design: PRIDE!!!meaning of flags, from left to…



meaning of flags, from left to right:

  • March: Whatever you want, but that’s April’s hand on her hip
  • Farmer: Transgender beautiful flower
  • Chowder: Pansexual shark
  • Dex: Transgender lobster
  • Bitty: Gay and just got a text from his parents- they love him!
  • Jack: Heart-Eyes Bisexual
  • Nursey: Muslim Gay Pride – so hot, so chill
  • Lardo: Genderqueer pong god
  • Shitty: Cis het ACE and he BELONGS AT PRIDE
  • Parse: Better-than-you-gay-hockey-star
  • Tater: PRIDE! )))) on Instagram 
  • Ransom: Black and Brown LGBT+ pride, too handsome for this world
  • Holster: Nice Jewish Gay boy
  • Whiskey: Straight Ally (he grew up a lot since year 1)
  • Ford: Adorable lesbian queen!!!
  • Tango: Questionning????….. ????????????
  • Georgia: Bisexual business woman
  • Her husband: Loves her very much.