Thoughts about simply_kenna’s asexuality video?

(Here’s the video for anyone who wants to see it) I think it was very honest. I really liked how she kept stressing that it’s all up to personal experience and didn’t make it seem like you have to be a certain way (robotic, for example) to identify as aro/ace. Although, she does mention that she wouldn’t date anyone because she is aroace, and while that’s totally valid, it does imply that no aromantic asexual person would ever date anyone which isn’t true at all. She also doesn’t mention that aromanticism and asexuality are on a spectrum and says that if you experience any romantic or sexual attraction at all, you are not aro or ace. This is misinformation that I’m sure she didn’t know she was giving, but it still can be considered harmful to the community. I think everything else is very well presented, I just wish she’d mention that asexuality and aromanticism are two different identities and not every aromantic person is asexual and not every asexual person is aromantic.