I know that ace/aro people arent broken, that they are valid, i just cant feel like im too. I cant stop thinking that im lying, that if it wasnt for the sexual trauma i lived as a kid i could have be able to feel sexual atraction, i wont be repulsed by sex, by making bonds with others.And i know i’ll end up alone,i have been alone all my live since that. And is all my fault.I just dont know how long i can stand my ground like this. I feel like a liar when i try to accept myself as ace/aro.1/2.

Im just a fuck up and cant be part of this, of feeling acepted or valid. It wanst on me to decide, to realize. It is like if they pressed a button and decided for me “you will be like them, but the true is that you are just an impostor”. Sorry i know i have no reasons to tell you this. I just.. i dont know 2/2

dude just bc your sexuality was influenced by trauma doesn’t mean youre not valid. if a skydiver had a near-death incident that caused him to be afraid of heights, that fear isn’t invalid. i know thats a bad metaphor but it’s the best i could do.

you’ll find someone my dude. it might not be romantic, but you’ll have someone. there are tons of people online you can befriend that will love and cherish you.

you’ll be okay.