I wanted to let you know that I’ve been putting your Letters to an Asexual videos on autoplay and just listening to your insightful opinions and reactions to ignorant comments while drawing, and it’s been helping me come to terms with my own asexuality while also preparing me for any reactions I might get from people I come out to. Thank you for putting yourself out there and enduring all the hateful comments in order to help other asexuals or allies understand asexuality.

Thank you very much anon!

I’m really glad my work has been helpful for you. I like to listen to stuff when I’m drawing too. 🙂 Part of the reason I read hate messages and show folks my responses is exactly what you’ve stated here–because sometimes it just helps to know what the hate can sound like, prepare for it, and get some ideas on what you can say in response.

Incidentally, the next message after yours was this:

Anonymous said:So your a 40 year old who plays dress up, likes cartoons, gives themselves lots of labels, and runs a tumblr blog making posts about still being a virgin among other long ass boring posts that no one asked for.. such a special snowflake. Might be time to grow up sweetie.

LOL holy shit. (Meanwhile, the posts “no one asked for” are being responded to with multiple messages within the first half hour after I posted, but even though I’m the one with a following of really sweet people who appreciate what I’m doing, I guess really what’s important is shaming me and dropping the good ol’ weaponizing-maturity chestnut.)

It’s amazing how often the people who accuse me of being immature expect me to be ashamed of liking cartoons. Oh boy oh boy are these people far too late to get me on that. Part of maturity, in my experience, has been acknowledging that loving your life is about embracing what’s great in the world. It’s so gross when people think they’re firing off a zinger by shaming me for liking what I like. I’m not embarrassed. I’ve never been embarrassed. I learned long ago that people who operate by that logic want maturity to be about fear, drudgery, and peer pressure. It all sounds incredibly immature to me, to be honest. 

But lol I’m a forty-year-old cartoon fan with a blog and labels so it’s self-evident that I’m pathetic. Nice.