The Institutional Oppression of Aspecs Masterpost


In brief, most of the
oppression asexual and aromantic people face is socially based, because aspec
identities are still rather invisible. These forms of oppression have been
covered in great detail, from facing erasure to experiencing bias and prejudice,
all the way to being raped as a way to “fix” their orientation. Some forms of
institutional oppression do exist, and I’m going to link some sources about
those forms of oppression (along with a brief description of the post linked)
in the body of this post.

Most of the sources
are going to be to Tumblr posts (though some of those do link to outside
sources), mostly because, again, with aspec identities being rather invisible,
there isn’t a lot of talk about their oppression on mainstream platforms beyond
social media websites. In terms of things like masterposts or large collections
of links put together into a post, I’ll pull out the most relevant topics and
links to discuss.

I should also note
that most of this focuses on asexuality, mostly because aromanticism is even less
visible and there’s even less written on the topic of aromanticism.

Side note 1: these posts are listed in the
order that I found them, and as such any duplicate items will be listed under
the first instance I found them. For example, if there was a link to the same
blog post in the first and second posts I pull sources from, that particular
blog post will only be listed in the first post’s sources. If I have missed any
duplicates, please let me know!

Side note 2: there
will be two links for each source: the link on the name will direct you to the
original post, while the link in the [x] will direct you to an archived version
in case the original is taken down or edited in the future.

Trigger warnings for: discussions of religious discrimination and conversion therapy, as well as bigotry in some of the linked posts/articles.

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