Hullo there friendo, id like to ask, am I okay…

Hullo there friendo, id like to ask, am I okay to be asexual and bi(romantic)? Its where I feel most comfortable but I see loads of different posts classing them as different things so can I be both? I’m scared people are gonna judge me for being picky. Also I learnt of biphobia and now I’m really scared of ever going to pride or revealing my sexuality (especially as both ace and bi) and I don’t know what to do 🙁

I dont know what posts you saw but yes of course you can be ace and biromantic, of course! You´d be a bi ace! And yeah I know there is both biphobia and aphobia but dont be scared to go to prides! Go with friends or people you trust and ignore the mean assholes! Don´t let them ruin your fun! It´s a huge party! So go and join it! Of course if you feel comfortable that is, but really if I dont think anyone will even question you much about your sexuality, they´ll probably just party and have fun. I know I´m not universial but I´ve gotten from pan, bi and gay people during pride actually only positive remarks about being ace

– Mod Paula