Can you explain the difference between crushes…

Can you explain the difference between crushes & squishes? I know Im definitely asexual but I'm really confused if I'm aromantic. I only feel "attraction" for guys (I can feel attracted to multiple guys at a time) and when I do develop something, I always feel sensual & aesthetic attraction towards them. 1 of the guys I like went away for the weekend, & I missed him. I would never want to have sex with him. I don't understand what romantic attraction is. I have no idea what I'm feeling

Basically a squish is a platonic crush, so if you have a squish on someone you might want to get to know them better, hang out and become friends with them. A crush is more romantic or even sexual, you think about them a lot, want to date them, do romantic things with them, like holding hands. You might also imagine your entire life with them, but I think that depends on the situation and how strong the crush is.

So if you have a squish, you want to be friends with them, if you have a crush you want to date them.

The problem with romantic attraction is that it’s hard to define what exactly is romantic. For me holding hands and kissing is romantic, but for you it might be differnt things. So maybe try to decide what things are romantic for you and then try to imagine yourself doing these things with the guy and see how you feel about that.

 – Mod Fiona