Could you explain what aceflux, aegosexual, an…

Could you explain what aceflux, aegosexual, and apothisexual are? I try to keep up and support the ace spectrum but I don't recognise these three terms.

So as far as I know it’s like this:

Aceflux means you fluxuate between sexualities, sometimes you might be ace sometimes gray ace and sometimes not on the ace spectrum at all

Aegosexual is another word for autochorisexual which means that you feel a kind of disconnect between yourself and whatever arouses you. So you might masturbate or fantasize about other people having sex but you wouldn’t want to participate in sexual activities yourself

Aphotisexual, I don’t know much about, but I think it’s basically being very, very sex repulsed. Like not just not wanting sex but also being bothered by talking about it, or seeing sexual scenes on tv or even talking about genitals an stuff like that.

I’m not entirely sure though so please correct me if I’m getting something wrong.

 – Mod Fiona