You declared to the heavens that you would never fall in love. Aphrodite hereslf took it as a challenge.

And you really wished she didn’t.

The sweetest people kept walking into your life she’s, he’s , they’s. Amazing people with great personalities. Amelia loves to stay up late and cuddle up next to you while watching anime, Jack makes the best cinnamon apples for you to eat while playing horror games, Avery just looks adorable when they’re with their husky’s. The list goes on, and you almost feel lucky simply to know them if it wasn’t for one thing.

They’re all hopelessly in love with you.

Anyone else might appreciated the effort whatever divine force responsible was putting in but they don’t seem to listen when you ask them to stop. You came out so many times to so many people, and as amazing as they are they don’t tell you that your orientation doesn’t exist, even as the tears fill their eyes and you can practically feel their heart break because they just don’t really understand It but they respect you anyways.

And then, Aphrodite got the memo.

She figured out what she should’ve known the moment you said the words Aromantic and as an apology for all the hearts she made you break Aphrodite sends one last person. Someone truly perfect. You walk out the door and you bump into them and as soon as you see their pride ring (Black, grey, white, and green) you already know this will be the start of something great.