I've considered myself to be asexual for …

I've considered myself to be asexual for a couple years now and I've always been ok with that. But I'm not in a great place right not and I can't help wondering if I've just been lying to myself? I mean, wouldn't being asexual be the same as being biologically broken? I mean maybe I'm just afraid of sex not asexual. Or just a fu k up who isn't ment to reproduce

I don’t know much about biology, sorry. However it’s believed that people have been asexual (as well as other lgbtq+ ids) for centuries before we gave them names. It’s often believed that a lot of people who were known as “celibate” or “never married” were actually asexual. (eg: 

Da Vinci, Tesla, CS Lewis, Jacob Grimm


It’s pretty common for people who fall outside the “norm” to question themselves and see themselves as “wrong” or “broken” when that’s not true at all. We’re all different, straight and cis is just what many societies have forced us to believe is the “right” way to be. When really, there is no “correct’ way to be human.

 When I first started identifying as ace, I wondered if it was just because of my social anxiety and low self esteem. I had to evaluate myself. Asking myself things like “have I ever been interested in being with someone?” and “Do I see myself having sex with anyone?” And things like that. Figuring out one’s identity can take time and experiences. I firmly believe that people can know their sexuality without dating or having sex, but some people feel that they need to have certain experiences before really knowing. And both are fine as long as it’s on your own terms.

If you are uncomfortable identifying as ace, you don’t have to. Take some time to figure yourself out. Just live your life, a label can come later (if you even want one). 

<3 Mod Britt