Sometimes, it’s really hard to accept that you’re Aromantic

It’s hard to understand that the future that you’ve been told is inevitable is wrong for you entirely

It’s hard to accept that it really is okay to not find a romantic partner and not get married

It’s hard to let go of that hope that someday it will change.

It’s hard to stop the thoughts that you will eventually “meet the right person”

It’s just hard

And that’s okay

Self-acceptence is a long journey, and it isn’t linear. There may be days when you love and accept yourself, but other days you just wish you were “normal”

But the truth is we are normal. We here and we don’t need to cling to the future that we were forced to accept. We don’t have to wait for change that might never come. We can accept ourselves the way we are right now and love ourselves. There will be bad days, but we will  have many more good ones 

And it’s okay if you aren’t there yet, if this aromantic or arospec label is right for you, self-acceptence will come