AroAceHogwarts Mod Apps (OPEN)!



AroAceHogwarts could really use some more creative help, so we’re opening up mod apps! We are looking to hire 1 – 2 new mods, and are accepting applications for all Houses (including hybrid Houses). However, as Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw currently have active mods, preference will be given to Slytherin and Gryffindor mods.

To apply, you must be: aspec, 16+ (18+ preferred), and following this blog.

To apply, you must meet the above requirements, fill out the following app, and submit it to us:

Blog link
Age: (a general “over x” is fine if you’re not comfortable sharing)

Tell us about yourself: (where do you fall on the aro/ace spectrum? what other identity information is important or you want us to know? are you a poc? do you have any disabilities? our team needs some more diversity!)
Creative abilities: (fic, fanart, manips, etc.?)
Experience: (modding experience, writing/drawing experience, coding experience – anything relevant you want to describe)

Why do you want to be a mod: 
Give an example of a headcanon prompt you could provide or another way to encourage users to create new headcanons

Other: (anything else you want to share: do you like/headcanon characters/ships/identities you don’t see a lot on this blog and could bring greater content? etc., anything else relevant or useful to know)

Please submit your application by March 15th April 1st (date subject to be extended if not enough apps are received).

EDIT: Apps extended until April!

~The Mod Team

Notes: When you give your availability, please make sure to give us context! If you’re giving us times, we need to know what timezone you’re in. ;3

Also, make sure you give us your blog link instead of @’ing yourself, as that doesn’t work through submit! We might organize apps offsite, which is why an actual link is great. ^^

Finally, if you’re on the fence… apply! The worst that can happen is we don’t pick you. Take a chance! Go for it!

(Also, note I didn’t specify how long you had to be following this blog for. I don’t care if you follow the day you apply! Honestly, I have some blogs I frequent but haven’t followed them because I don’t want to forget to check them regularly, lol.)

We are extending mod apps April 1st!

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Sadly, we’re really low on apps, even though we’ve gotten a good number of reblogs. I personally would like to hit at least five apps! If any of you all can help us boost, it’d be greatly appreciated!

~Hufflepuff Mod