millenniumfae: All pride-themed soaps on Whit…


All pride-themed soaps on WhitemanningCritical.etsy are now 30% off!

This pride soap project has been a huge success so far! But now comes a time where the soap molds must be replaced, and designs re-vamped!

The improved soap designs will be released later next month. For now, all old soap designs are on sale!

There’s only a few of each left! Order soon!

Each pride soap is modeled after a figure of the queer/lgbt+ community, and they’re also available in custom scents dedicated to specific identities! These include;

  • Agni’s pansexual scent ‘Hi’iaka’ (Honeysuckle, Orange, Lime, Ylang Ylang)
  • Guanyin’s agender scent ‘Mwari’ (Orange, Bamboo, Lavender, Choya Loban)
  • Artemis’ demisexual scent ‘Persephone’ (Chocolate, Peach, Plumeria, Green Cognac)
  • And more!