So I'm Demi and I've only really bee…

So I'm Demi and I've only really been interested in/pursued one person?? And like he's either into me or really into a challenge idk. ANYWAY we've been talking for almost a year now and still haven't met which is great because I'm so anxious about that kinda thing but sometimes we get like. Talking sexually and I go for it because he's not ace and I'm cool with it except after I always feel like? Guilt? Like I'm a big sl*t? Is that? Sex repulsion coming after me?

I’m not sure if that’s sex repulsion, I think if it was you’d not feel okay with it in the first place. Sounds more like idk you’ve internalized that you doing this with him (or anyone) is wrong somehow. I mean society tells us a lot of shit about what acceptable sex is and what isn’t, so it might be something like that? I’m really not sure, it’s hard to pin it down.

If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the notes.

 – Mod Fiona