I came out to my mom and she said. "Im no…

I came out to my mom and she said. "Im not going to label you. Because you don't know what you are yet. Asexual isn't a thing." she got letters in the mail yesterday that where gay to straight camps. She told me i was a phase. Im being verbally abused and i cant help myself out. Im supposed to pray away my depression away. Im reaching my limits. Any advice?

Wow that sounds really bad, I’m sorry you’re in that situation.

It sounds like pushing her and trying to get her to accept you might not be safe for you. So don’t do that. Reach out to other people you can trust, friends, maybe other family members or even a teacher.

The most important thing is that you stay safe, so if you think there’s a chance she might send you to those camps or something like that, lie to her to stay safe. I know it hurts to do that and you want her to accept you, but your safety is the most important thing!

This is a song that really helped me in a similar situation (though it was never as bad as you have it)

 – Mod Fiona