i heard of grey-ace and stuff like that where …

i heard of grey-ace and stuff like that where only 1 or 2 things turn you on and nothing else does and i think i identify as that but i dont know if its real or recognized by the LGBT+ community and I just want to correctly identify my sexuality.

What turns you on isn’t quite the right word, since you can randomly get turned on by random stuff, it doesn’t have to have anything to do with your sexuality.

That said, grey-ace is when you’re rarely sexually attracted to other people and it is definitely real and recognized by pretty much all of the LGBTQIA+ community (except for som exclusionists, but they don’t matter, really) though not everyone you meet will know what it is, which is a problem everyone under the ace umbrella shares (and the pansexuals. And nonbinary people. And everyone who isn’t in those first four letters really, but we’ll get there)

It’s definitely real though! Does it feel like the right label for you? Then it is! Congrats!

 – Mod Fiona