I feel like I’m on the aromantic spectru…

I feel like I’m on the aromantic spectrum, but I want a cute, cuddly relationship so I don’t know because people have been telling me I’m not aro if I want a relationship. Also can you be asexual, but still want to have sex with someone? I’m not attracted to them, but I go “I feel like they would be nice to have sex with.” I’m not actually attracted to them you feel??? I just don’t know anymore. I don’t have a label and it kind of makes me uncomfortable lmao

Action doesn’t equal attraction! You can be aromantic and still (want to) be in a relationship. You can be ace and still have sex.

Like sometimes I wanna read a book and none of the books I have are really calling to me right now, but I’ll still pick one up at random and probably enjoy it. Or I’ll look at a book and go “I guess that might be nice” and I’ll read it and enjoy it but I won’t run home to read the book RIGHT NOW

And it’s the same with being ace and/or aro. Have your relationship, have sex, do what makes you happy. There’s no test you have to pass to be aro/ace. Do you think it’s the right word for you? Yes? Then welcome.

 – Mod Fiona