I’m kinda confused about my own sexualit…

I’m kinda confused about my own sexuality, I mean I know I’m bi, I’ve known for two or so years, but I’m realizing now that when people talk about sex like they need it to breathe, I can’t relate. I would much rather just kiss someone or have a relationship with them. But I’m still attracted to males, females, and non binary people, just in that way. How would I describe it? Have I been lying to all the people I’ve already come out to as bisexual?

Okay first off you can’t lie when you don’t know that you’re not telling the truth, so even if you’re not actually bisexual, you weren’t lying.

Second off it sounds like you might just be experiencing romantic, sensual and aesthetic attraction and no sexual attraction. If that’s the case you might be biromantic and asexual (or somewhere on the asexual spectrum).

So you gotta ask yourself do you experience sexual attraction? Like do you look at someone or idk hear them talk or smell them and think of taking their clothes off? That’s apparently sexual attraction so if you do experience something like that you’re probably not ace. If you don’t experience it or rarely or only under very specific circumstance you might be ace (or something on the ace spectrum like grey ace or demi for example)

Whichever label(s) you settle with, they need to feel right for you! If you think you might be ace but feel more comfortable just saying you’re bisexual, that’s fine! If you’re biromantic and asexual that doesn’t make you any less bi! You’re valid, no matter what you go with.

 – Mod Fiona