Uhmmm I think I’m asexual… maybe… pr…

Uhmmm I think I’m asexual… maybe… probably? But I like the label so I’m sticking with it for now and I want ace gear but I’m not out (and don’t plan on being out for a while) so do you have any subtle ace pride ideas? The ace ring is cool but my family would notice immediately if I stated wearing jewelry because I never wear jewelry… any other ideas?

You could wear ace coloured stuff, like purple and black together. Or like a scarf or something in ace flag colours. Or try the ring, family isn’t always all that observant. I usually never wear rings and it took my family and friends ages to comment on it and then it was just “cool ring where did you get it?” “ah okay cool”. And if they ask why you suddenly wear a ring you could just say you thought it looked nice.

Anyone else got cool ideas?

 – Mod Fiona