Hello! Recently I've been thinking I am a…

Hello! Recently I've been thinking I am ace. I do not feel any physical attraction(or only slightly only after I get strongly emotionally attracted to someone.. Basically the only physical thing I feel towards my crush is the need to be close to them and touch them somehow) and that is the same with my sexual attraction, only way less. Like I want to have sex in the future but at the same time I don't? I want to know how it feels but at the same time i don't care.. What could I be? Love you💜♥

Sounds like you could be demisexual or grey asexual.

From our FAQ 

What is Demisexuality/romantic?
Lack of sexual/romantic attraction until an emotional bond has been formed

What is Grey/Gray asexuality/romantic?
Sometimes experiencing sexual/romantic attraction, but under specific circumstances, and/or not strongly enough to want to act upon it