i agreed w that reg rhetoric post until it got…

i agreed w that reg rhetoric post until it got to the anti part… like, im not an anti, but i dont think being against certain ships is comparable to being against someones sexuality (bc u can choose what to ship, and you dont choose your sexuality?) and i think the fact that part is included in the post really ruins the credibility of the whole post. like i agree with the other points, but that one section just does not belong there

To be fair the creator didn´t try to compare being against a sexuality
or gender with being against shipping, they just tried to point out that
anti shippers also, maybe unintentionally, can use Radfem/Reg rhetoric
when talking about ships. If it´s Radfem/reg rhetoric then it fits the post´s message

It´s not against people who don´t like certain ships and avoid them it´s the people that want to police what others can ship like they´re the purity police and that harass people about ships that they deem, even just a little, “problematic”. I don´t condone certain ships, but I mostly just avoid them.

– Mod Paula