I just wanted to say thanks for speaking up ab…

I just wanted to say thanks for speaking up about the "anti" thing. I really appreciate that. I know people who have been called all sorts of terrible things and have received really awful threats because of ships other people arbitrarily call "problematic" for reasons I can't even comprehend. It's a really scary movement that has caused real harm to people. So yeah, I appreciate knowing that this blog isn't about that life 💕

I personally find shipping wars and that whole anti shipper thing stupid. It sounds like purity police to me who deem anything unshippable and problematic that isnt 100% pure, wholesome and has no age gap (I mean like 16/17 year olds and with 18/19 year olds, that isnt a huge gap, yes I´ve even seen dicourse about a ship with 17 yo and an 18 yo which is ridiculous)

This movement is dangerous and poison to fandom, again it is alright to dislike and avoid a ship but harassing people or sending death threats their way over a ship is just stupid. And I will not stand by it.

And don´t get me started about those antis who are minors. You are responsible for your own media experience, if something makes you uncomfortable just unfollow and block that person and blacklist tags that make you uncomfortable. Adults on this site aren´t responsible for you consuming mature material, in most cases it is labeled as mature content. Just don´t click on it. We are not your parents.

– Mod Paula