On Radfem/REG Rhetoric




a non-exhaustive list of parallels:

Radfem: Radical Feminist

REG: Reactionist Exclusionary

TWERF: Trans Women Exterminatory Radical Feminist

  • “trans women are men and cannot choose to be women”
  • “trans women are raping the female body”
  • “All transsexuals rape women’s bodies by reducing the real female form to an artifact, appropriating this body for themselves.” Janice Raymond (The Transsexual Empire, wiki on her here, also in the wiki
        on Radical Feminism
  • “They expect we’ll be shocked to see statistics about them being killed, and don’t realize, some of us wish they would ALL be dead.” (list of terf quotes)
  • “trans women are men trying to invade women’s spaces”
  • “gender critical”
  • words like “biological/natural woman” “womyn-born-womyn” “womban” and “anti-woman”

SWERF: Sex Worker Exterminatory Radical Feminist

  • “sex workers cannot consent to sex”
  • “sex work is rape” and “porn is rape and romanticizes/enables rape”
  • “sex workers are betraying women for their own gain and are gender traitors”
  • “sex workers are collaborating with the patriarchy”
  • “When the sex war is won prostitutes should be shot as collaborators for their terrible betrayal of all women.” –Julie Burchill (in her wiki
  • “sex critical”


  • “no one can consent to kink”
  • “kink is rape and abuse and pedophilia, and romanticizes/enables rape and abuse and pedophilia”
  • “kink is betraying women, and women are more important than your orgasms”
  • “kink is fetishizing patriarchy/power dynamics and collaborates with the patriarchy”
  • “kinksters are trying to invade safe spaces”
  • “kill all doms! jail all sadists! liberate subs!”
  • “kink critical”
  • conflating “cgl” and “ddlg” with “kink” with “pedophilia”

Biphobe: Bisexual(/Biromantic/M-Spec) -Phobe

  • “bisexual women’s sexual availability to men gets lesbians raped”
  • “bisexuals are betraying gays and lesbians for straight privilege and their own gain and are traitors”
  • “bisexuals are collaborating with straightness”
  • “bisexuals are trying to invade gay and lesbian spaces”
  • “bisexuals are making it confusing for closeted gays and lesbians”
  • words like “bihet”

Asexual/Aromantic -Phobe

  • “asexuals/aromantics are straight and cannot choose to be queer”
  • “asexuals cannot consent to sex”
  • “a mixed relationship with only one asexual partner is rape” / “a mixed relationship with only one aromantic is abuse”
  • “asexuals/aromantics are straights trying to invade queer spaces”
  • “asexuals/aromantics are making it confusing for closeted gays and lesbians”
  • “ace/aro critical”
  • words like “cishet aroace”

“Anti” aka Anti-Bad-Shipping (fictional incest/abusive relationships/etc)

  • “Bad Ships cannot be consensual”
  • “Bad Ships are rape and abuse and incest and pedophilia, and romanticize/enable rape and abuse and incest and pedophilia”
  • “Bad Shippers are fetishizing rape and collaborating with rape culture”
  • “Bad Shippers are betraying abuse survivors (but it’s maybe okay if you’re a survivor [the right kind {in private}])”
  • “Bad Shippers are trying to invade safe survivor spaces”
  • “Bad Shippers are making it confusing for impressionable young people who might enter abusive relationships”
  • “Bad Shippers should kill themselves (*unless you’re a survivor [the right kind])”
  • “fandom critical” or “shipping critical”
  • conflating “ship” with “promotes rape/abuse/incest/pedophilia” with “anti-survivor”

Strengthening one of these ideologies strengthens them all.

Yes, “X critical” is a
radfem codephrase.

Yes, note the preoccupation with
defining what other people cannot consent to and how that violates the radfem
who is the true victim.

Yes, notice the focus on Invading
Our Safe Spaces and Betrayal/Collaboration and Confusing The Innocent and the
appeals to womanhood, lesbianness, survivorship as needing defending.

*And yes, Exterminatory, not
 Make no mistake, complete
destruction of a type of person is the goal here.  A world without trans women, sex workers, kinksters, bisexuals,
asexuals, aromantics, Bad Shippers.
This gets framed as a world without sex work, abusive doms, and [public] Bad
Ships, and a world with Safe Spaces for womyn-born-womyn and gays-and-lesbians,
but getting there absolutely involves genocide as intention and/or acceptable consequence.

credit to @thisisntgoodbi @rhodanum @intersex-ionality for having A+ blogs/posts that really helped me narrow in on this

#there are a lot of spinoffs tbh?#anything like ‘polyamory is collaborating with the patriarchy’ or any kind of gatekeeping really#anti-self dx… anti-endogenic systems… anti-kin and anti-fictives… it’s all about Knowing Better#and about Being Harmed by other people who are trying to do things they Can’t#but yes these are the. more striking and damning #radfems #terfs #swerfs#regs #antis #aphobes #biphobes#honestly terfs/radfems have always been anti-kink and anti-bi and of course are anti-ace and latching onto anti-shipping#god okay what other tags #twerfs #long post #transmisogyny cw#whorephobia cw #aphobia cw #biphobia cw #rape cw #murder cw#pedophilia ment #ask to tag #Whew #op

Reblogging this post for the anon who messaged me asking for resources for spotting TERF/radfem rhetoric when it’s not made blatantly obvious.

All of these are examples of rhetoric that radfems/TERFS frequently use and that people on tumblr who are not radfems/TERFS have picked up and bought into without knowing where it comes from.