Please help out a fellow LGBTQ+ folk



Hi all,

It’s Ann Elizabeth Resno. I hate doing things like this, but I’ve fallen on some hard times. I am homeless and I have spent a great amount of time debating whether to post this.

Since early December, I have been hopping from shelter to shelter. It has been hard not having a stable place to live. I’m currently waiting for a safe bed to open up so I can go there.

My bills are piling up, they cut my disability check down to $500 and I use that for food, medical supplies I need, and the little I have left goes to bills. It’s not nearly enough to keep my phone service going. Furthermore, I am unable to make the minimum payment on my credit card.

So, I need your help. If there is any way you could donate even just $1 each, I can get myself into a stable situation again. My email for my paypal is or

If you cannot donate, reblogs are great


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