Call for Interviewees



again, I’m low on interviewees. Since I don’t have the time to constantly post
calls every single time I’m running low, I’m hoping to use this post as a kind
of a reminder:


always looking for artists who are on the spectrum to interview. Any and all
kinds of artists are welcome.

is including but not limited to:

WRITERS: all genres and forms are
welcome (novelists, short stories, poetry, flash fiction, etc). It doesn’t
matter if you’re unpublished, just starting out, a student, a hobbyist, or
established. Traditionally published, self-published, small press, etc. You’re
all welcome and you all have something to offer.

any kind of visual art you can imagine (photography, painting, sketching,
drawing, sculpture, installation, etc.).

FANARTISTS: Another self-explanatory
category. Cosplay, visual, fanfiction, etc. Whatever you do in your fandom (any
and all fandoms welcome), you’re an artist.

FILMMAKERS: YouTubers, directors,
cinematographers, anything that has to do with making films (short, features,
documentaries, etc).


actors, theater arts, singers, mimes, any sort of performers.

DANCERS: Any kind of dance style you
can imagine is welcome here (ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, burlesque,
belly-dancing, ballroom, etc.)

MUSICIANS: playing instruments,
composing, singing, anything involving music

CULINARY: maybe your medium of choice
is food. If so, you’re welcome here.

CRAFTS: any sort of craft you can
think of (sewing, knitting, crocheting, candle making, jewelry making, etc.)

levels of artists are welcome: whether you’re a student or a professional, just
starting out or already established. If you create, you have something to offer
and therefore I want to interview you 🙂

you’re still unsure whether or not your art qualifies (there’s a 97.9% chance
it will), and your question isn’t answered in the F.A.Q., please contact me

you want to be interviewed, please email me at the same address

site continues because I get requests for interviews. If the interviews run
out, this site will remain as a resource 🙂 Updates will continue as long as
there are aces out there willing to be interviewed.

you, everybody.

Hey everyone! Still open for interviews. And I just
want all you amazing, talented, wonderful artists who have already been
interviewed: you are making such a difference. Giving an interview may seem
like a small thing, perhaps even insignificant, but believe me when I say that so
many aces have found comfort and inspiration in your words. I have received
numerous messages about how much this blog means to people, especially to aces
still coming to terms with their identity. That’s a truly wonderful thing 🙂
So please, keep those interview requests coming!

All ages, races,
religions, genders are welcome. If you’re on the ace spectrum and you create, I
would love to interview you for this blog.

ALL aces are
welcome on this blog! It doesn’t matter if you’re a hobbyist, a professional, a
dabbler, a student, aspiring or experienced. Your art is important. Your voice
is important.

So please, keep
those interview requests coming 😀 <3