@mod Paula: You're German, right? If not,…

@mod Paula: You're German, right? If not, feel free to ignore this ask. I was wondering if you know any ace meet-ups in Germany, specifically in the Ruhr area. I'd love to meet other young aces in my area, but I can't find anything. The LGBT group at my uni also doesn't offer anything ace related and I'm a bit sad for not being included :/

Yes I am German, unfortunately I can only offer information about a facebook group called Die Armeisen, I think? Or something, they also have ace whatsapp groups. You´d need to contact them and they´d sort you in the NRW ace group probably. Im in a RLP (Rheinland Pfalz) ace group because I moved there for my studies. I actually contacted someone on Tumblr to get into that ace group but I cant remember who

If any of our German ace followers know more or if I accidentally mixed something up, please just comment on the post or reblog it with more information.

– Mod Paula