HELLO for the longest time I figured I was aro…

HELLO for the longest time I figured I was aroace but I had a very close best friend and I would get mad when their S/O treated them wrong now we’re dating nothing in our relationship changed I still don’t understand romance or feel sexually attracted to him could someone explain romantic attraction to me? Please it would help a lot BC im lost on if I was just being a friend or if I actually had feelings for them

I’d say romantic attraction is thinking a lot about the person (i’m not saying 24/7 but more than about other people), wanting to spend time with them, daydreaming (or sometimes actual dreaming) about them and about living a life together, wanting to do romantic things together (like handholding, kissing, watching the sunset, but it’s different for everyone), missing them a lot when you can’t see them…. that stuff. That’s how I experience it at least, but I think it’s not really the same for everyone.

Do more people wanna weigh in on this? What is romantic attraction like for you?

 – Mod Fiona