I started seeing a psychologist and yesterday …

I started seeing a psychologist and yesterday was my second session with her. The theme of relationships came up and I said to her that I'm asexual and she said to me "how can you be so sure if you never dated and wasn't interested in anyone?" and then she also said that I'm too young to know. I was so shocked and mad that she, a professional that works with mental health (and is supposed to help me), was invalidating my asexuality that I'm considering to stop seeing her. Am I being dramatic?

Ditch her. You’re not being dramatic, she is supposed to help you, how can she help when she is invalidating your identity?

There are plenty of psychologists out there who will accept your asexuality. I can’t promise they’ll always know what it is, because we’re invisible, but then their reaction should be “I’ll look into it to understand you better” not “i’ve not heard of it so it can’t be real”

 – Mod Fiona