My bf is straight. I want to be with him like,…

My bf is straight. I want to be with him like, in the future, y'know, married. But I also know he has expectations. My whole family too. Idk what to do. I feel safe around him, he helps me with my anxiety and I know he does love me. But idk if I could keep him "happy". My mom keeps saying I have to do it or he'll go and I'm scared. I could date my best friend she's ace and I love her but she's more on the aro spectrum than me and doesn't know if she likes girls plus I'm surrounded by homophobes.

I think the best way of handling this would be talking to your boyfriend what he wants and what you want and see if it´s compatible or if he wants things you cannot do. If he wants things you cannot do, maybe you have to end the relationship.

Don´t get yourself in harm´s way tho, if you´re family/people around you are homophobes. Talk to your best friend too. If you´d face being disowned and thrown out I wouldnt do anything that could provoke this reaction. If it is nessecary and you are able you might have to distance yourself from your family/at least the homophobic ones. But only if you´re financially able to.

– Mod Paula