Signal Boost: A Shard of Sea and Bone

Hi all!

Today we’ve got a special signal boost. An author I interviewed some time ago,

L.J. Engelmeier, is releasing her first book soon (see her interview here:
Tumblr & WordPress). It sounds like a fascinating read and she’s also offering a giveaway.

Here’s the information:

This is it, Oliver thought. This is how the world ends. In
blood and darkness. To the call of a wolf.

In a world of unlimited dimensions, there are many dark
crevices for evil to fester and hide.

The Infinity. Sea of Seas. A multiverse teeming with life
and magic. Long have two species, humans and demons, subjugated one another
within it, all while living beneath the might of hierarchies designed to
protect them. Long have their masses worshipped elected deities—the
Guardians—who serve the dimensions as saints, mercenaries, and officers of the

The Guardians are believed to be indomitable, but now, one
by one, they’re being murdered.

When three of them turn up dead—eyes and hearts ripped out,
seemingly by their own hands—seven very different people are thrust into the
mystery surrounding their deaths, a mystery that spans from the icy mountains
of Lutana all the way to the dunes of Khajal and to the slaughtered bay city of

Any hope of uncovering the culprit behind the Guardian
murders now rests with these seven people: a street-fighting princess, an
illiterate ex-slave, a libertine potioneer, a reluctant heir, a former royal
dancer, a clan’s queen, and a gunslinging spellcaster with nothing to lose.

Join the worlds of the Infinity in this 534-paged first
novel of the “Death of the
Multiverse Saga,” available May 30th on Amazon in paperback for $14.79
and on Kindle for $5.99. Preorder the eBook now, and enter
the giveaway here

L.J. Engelmeier, granddaughter of a mortician, grew
up in a household where death was dinner table conversation. She knows a hilarious
story about a homeless man’s head that lived in a bag in the funeral home’s
garage. A runner-up for the 2016 SIU Carbondale Literary & Art Award
in Poetry, a recipient of a Silver Honorable Mention in the L. Ron
Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest, and a shortlisted poet in the March 2017
Creative Writing Ink poetry contest, Engelmeier has published
in Grassroots, Schlock! Webzine, Aphotic Realm, Whatever Our
Souls, and is very excited to release her first novel “A Shard of Sea and Bone”! Follow her on Twitter (at LJEngelmeier) or check out her
website at

I just want to give a quick shout and say thank you to
everyone who has made and will make this book a success! It’s ten years in the
making. I had a great time writing it over the last year, making its cover, and
marketing it. It’s an adult dark fantasy inspired by writers like Clive Barker,
George R.R. Martin, and Leigh Bardugo and hosts an array of orientations and
POC. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

It sounds like a fantastic read. So go out there and pick up a copy, leave a nice review, show Engelmeier some love.

Thanks, everyone!