Hi my SO is heterosexual and has had sex like …

Hi my SO is heterosexual and has had sex like multiple times but I’m a sex repulsed ace Ik i won’t be comfortable with changing to a sex positive ace anytime soon like for years but they think they’ll end up getting sexually frustrated without sex for multiple years and they also don’t want to force me to do something I’m not comfortable with any advice?

There might be the option to a polyamorous relationship so your SO can fulfill their sexual needs with a third person, or there is an option of leading an open relationship where you´re the only romantic partner but your partner can have sex with other people outside the romantic relationship.

If you are uncomfortable with a polyamorous or open relationship and your partner said they´d get sexually frustrated without sex then it is probably time to sit down together and talk about it in detail, what you are comfortable with and willing to do. If it doesnt match up with your partners you might have to consider to break up even if it hurts and you love them.

– Mod Paula