So a work friend wanted to set me up with one …

So a work friend wanted to set me up with one of his friends since we share a lot of the same interests. I told him I don't date and I'm not interested in dating (I'm aroace) but I would be open to making a new friend. I'm just nervous about meeting this guy bc I want him to know that I'm only interested in friendship but I don't want to sound rude about it. Any advice? I'm not out to more than a couple friends and I'd rather not out myself the first time I meet someone.

Mmmm yes maybe don’t tell him right at the beginning of the date that you’re not interested in anything, that might end in tension and awkwardness. I’d suggest to let the evening play out naturally and you 2 get to know each other first then at the end you can tell him how much fun you had but that you aren’t looking for anyone relationship-wise but more for so friendship-wise. If your tone is gentle and you present it with a smile he surely wont think of it as rude.

If he’s decent he should have no problem with you saying that. If confrontation is a little too scary for you, texting him after the meet up and clarifying things might help. Again if he’s decent he shouldnt have any problems with that but if he does drop him, you dont need the drama.

– Mod Paula