“Having included descriptions of hypothetical asexuals enjoying regular sex with their partners in the AVEN big FAQ, I actually found it mildly shocking to discover this ‘sex positive asexual manifesto’ had eventually succeeded in encouraging sexually active people with little or no sexual attraction to others to comfortably identify was asexual (even more so when I eventually met one in person who cited my FAQ, not knowing who I was). Not shocking that they existed, but that ‘FAQ Activism’ has the power to shape communities and even individual self identities. When my email address was still on the FAQ, it was that type of asexual who particularly used to send me thank you messages about how important the site was to them. It seemed like that message resonated with a lot of people who had struggled with having a very low sex drive while not relating to the anti-sexual message of the earlier asexual communities. I think the extremely inclusive message helped people who had previously felt they had to censor their life experiences when engaging with the asexual community in the fear of being accused of not being a ‘real asexual’. I imagine this also in turn pushed the anti-sexuals out of the proto-community and caused them to create reactionary definitions and communities of their own. Thankfully inclusivity seems to have won out, presumably because it inherently attracts and includes more people.”


in History: Asexuality & the Nonlibidoism society (2010)