Hi it's the anon with the relationship pr…

Hi it's the anon with the relationship problem. I won't get thrown out, but it'd be more silent judging (and no romance around kids). Almost everyone around me is Christian most of them are like "I don't judge but it's still wrong" and "hate the sin love the sinner" and "we'd love them despite their choices" and stuff like that. I've even been told that asexuality is God calling you to celibacy. But my church is somewhat chill, a pastor once mentioned the LGBTQ+ community in a sermon on love.

Well that’s…. something, I guess. It could be worse, but that doesn’t mean your situation isn’t bad enough. I’d say be careful about coming out, because even if they’re theoretically fine with it, silent judging can get really stressful after a while.

 – Mod Fiona