no-passaran: This is Ari, a canon asexual cha…


This is Ari, a canon asexual character from the Catalan TV series “Com si fos ahir”, produced by Catalonia’s TV station TV3.

The show treats Ari’s sexuality in a very natural way, with normality, but also shows how she struggles to tell her partner and portrays many conversations and situations that ace people face everyday. And the show makes it very clear: it’s not a trauma, lack of experience, nor fear.

And [spoiler alert] she trusts her partner and tells him everything, and he stills loves her as much and tries really hard to un-learn all the misinformation that we are taught since we are little.

I had never seen a canon ace character in any show, film, nor book. And seeing one in my own culture (and not in American media for once) is very special.

I have seen bits of the show on TV but because of when it airs I haven’t watched it all. I have found out about Ari thanks to a publication on the website of the Associació Catalana d’Asexuals (Catalan Association of Asexuals). I will watch the whole show as soon as I can!