discordcomics: I’ve run out of the paperbacks…


I’ve run out of the paperbacks for Shades of A Part 1+2 so now it’s only the A4 hardback left! 

I know it’s a heavy one if you want both the stories so I’ve dropped the price to £20 and added this brand new dust jacket with some of my favourite bits of art from the two stories. It’s over in the store here: 


Never heard of this comic before? Well here’s a blurb for you:

When openly asexual Anwar Sardar gets dragged to a kink night by his best mate, JD, he is surprised to make friends with Chris Slate, a middle aged server admin who dresses up as Vixen on the weekends. Convinced they’ll never meet again Anwar puts him out of his mind, but the awkwardly charming man keeps turning up in his life.

Shades of A is an a-typical romance that bites back against the poor representation of queer, asexual and kink lifestyle in the media. 

I don’t promote it as much as I should but it’s genuinely a heartfelt and funny comic about the people who slip through the cracks in the LGBT acronym.