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hi so i just heard this song  and ??? i’m crying ???? my aro ass can finally relate to something ???

from will jay’s twitter:

we fell out of touch when i moved back from LA but will is such a genuinely sweet person & i’m so happy for him & i highly encourage yall to check him out

[ID: First of all, I’m blown away by the reaction to Never Been in Love. I got sent a screenshot of the song charting in the top 100 of New Zealand iTunes; the video’s gotten more views in 48 hours than any of my originals ever. Most of the comments are people discovering me & my music for the first time, which is all I can ask for when I put out a new song.

To everyone who loves the song, old or new, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sweet messages and spreading the word about a song very close to my heart.

I’ve written & released a handful of songs about love in the hopes that other people could relate when I had never known the feeling myself. They did well for themselves & I’m so proud of every song I’ve put out.

However, the initial reaction to a song called “never Been In Love” means so much more to me than views or streams because it shows that people crave authenticity. The reaction to this song has also been so beautiful because, while I’m telling my story, you all have let it be a part of yours for your own unique reasons.

People that are asexual and aromantic have wrote me that this is one of the first songs they can truly relate to, others have wrote to me saying that they are focusing on their careers and this song makes them feel good to prioritize themselves.

Most people simply haven’t found the one & are tired of swiping; rest your thumbs, people. I’m here to tell you there’s no rush and when you’ve found the right person, you’ll KNOW.

It’s only been 3 days but your reaction to this song has made me the most excited I’ve been in a long time & I’m already itching to give you more music! You aren’t ready. Thank you. ❤️

(Never Been In) Love, Will.

{paragraph breaks added for ease of reading.}]