do you have any posts about it/ can you explai…

do you have any posts about it/ can you explain why ace and aro people are lgbt? ive only really heard the anti side of it. if someone is cis and both ace and aro are they lgbt? why? what about heteromantic asexuals and heterosexual aromantics?

1. They are a marginalized orientation

One reason for the discourse is the disconnect between the definitions of the LGBT+ community on both sides. The anti aro/ace side claims it’s for same gender attracted and trans people only while the pro aro/ace side says it’s for all marginalized orientations and gender identities. The anti aro/ace definition also excludes bi people who aren’t attracted to their own gender and intersex people who want to be part of the community.

Based on the pro aro/ace definition, aros/aces belong since they are marginalized orientations. Aphobes claim aromantic/asexual are modifiers not orientations, but that’s not true.

2. They are not straight

Heteroromantic aces and heterosexual aromantics are not straight because heteroromantic heterosexuals (aka the Real Straights) do not see them as one of them. Aros/aces are seen as abnormal, wrong, and undesirable.

Aphobes use “if there’s no straight aces then there’s no gay ace!!!” as a gotcha, but even if a heteroromantic asexual identifies as straight, they don’t have the same privileges as a heteromantic heterosexual since they can still be targeted for being asexual.

3. They are discriminated against for being aro/ace

A-spec people are denied access to mental health care, pathologized, dehumanized, sexually assaulted, coerced into sex, erased, etc.

The other side of the discourse says this is all misdirected forms of other oppression, but this argument makes no sense. By their logic, thinking being gay is a mental illness is misdirected ableism not homophobia. It also ignores that people are being targeted specifically for their aromantic/asexual identity.

4. They are wanted in the community

Many LGBT+ organizations include aromantics/asexuals and they are wanted in the LGBT+ community.

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