Saw a post where someone says Thomas Sanders “is almost 30 and actively encourages minors to send nsfw art.”

Found out that what actually happened was that a kid who purposefully took their age out of their bio before submitting the art because they were afraid Thomas might get in trouble later forgot about it and re added their age and then people went digging through Thomas’ blog after he made an ace positive post and found it. Dog pile ensues. Thomas apologizes for mistake and says he should have found out the person’s age before publishing.

Y’all have GOT to stop acting like a fucking gaggle of church gossips about this stuff. There is a universe of difference between accidentally accepting something from a minor and ACTIVELY ENCOURAGING it. But someone uses that phrasing and it just gets repeated and twisted even after the minor in question explains what happened.

People already act suspicious of gay men that are just “too” nice and I’m so tired of people constantly looking to prove someone is actually the worst kind of person ever just because they don’t agree with them.

Back up your arguments rather than digging for unrelated dirt.

I don’t care about this guy.  At all.  But before you make serious charges with real-world repercussions (like pedophilia), you must at least have the common sense and restraint to look at the original evidence and consider any available information that contradicts it.  Not just hit reblog because it makes you feel like you belong and gives you a rush of power.  That’s some Cultural Revolution Red Guard-spirited bullshit.

I’m sorry if your parents failed to raise you to even the most minimum human standards of decency, but you’re out amongst humans now, time to learn.

Signal boosting because I have seen mutuals reblogging stuff about he regularly posts nudes (which seem to be shirtless pics ironically tagged nsfw) and that he solicits nsfw art from minors.

holy shit. thomas sanders is a fucking SAINT and he still gets this bullshit?! the poor guy is the most Unproblematic Fave I can possibly imagine on the face of the planet and people will still do this


Let us also not ignore that the whole reason people went looking for dirt on him was because he made a post supporting asexuals.